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Marsha Ferrick

J-9040 Pochette Double Zip Bag-Mare & Foal

J-9040 Pochette Double Zip Bag-Mare & Foal

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This Pochette Double Zip Bag is a designer must-have, featuring a 100% Nappa exterior and a faux suede lining. Choose from a clip or chain strap for added convenience. It's handmade to order with a size of 9.25" x 6.1" x 1.7" (Width/Height/Depth). As leather is a natural material, small surface differences may occur, but rest assured we have refined our printing process for durability. Leather ages with use, which may result in slight wrinkles or fading of the print, and the base color may show through over time. Keep your bag looking its best by storing it in a protective dust bag when not in use and avoiding extreme heat, sunlight, water, and chemical cleaners. Additionally, take care to avoid contact with light-colored fabrics or upholstery to prevent color transfer. In case of a light rain shower, simply let your bag dry naturally away from heat. For surface cleaning, use a damp, lint

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