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Marsha Ferrick

J00-47 Unisex Equestrian Boots-Casual-Leather-Lightweight-Haflinger

J00-47 Unisex Equestrian Boots-Casual-Leather-Lightweight-Haflinger

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Dazzle your eyes with the color of the clouds as you step out wearing Adult Equestrian Boots-Casual-Leather-Lightweight. Crafted for unisex, this footwear features eco-friendly leather, long-lasting EVA foamed insoles and mesh lining. Its weatherproof fabric protects from moisture and makes it perfect for daily wear and adventures in the wild. Wear these everyday eco-friendly wonders and start feeling like you can take on anything! The clouds never had it this good–just slip on the Adult Equestrian Boots-Casual-Leather-Lightweight and experience a lightweight, weatherproof design that'll protect your feet and bring more than a few compliments your way. Stylish and supportive, these flexible leather kicks bring a whole new level of adventure to your wardrobe! 00-47 

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