Women's Long Sleeve Cotton Slim Fit V-Neck Tee

Women's Long Sleeve Cotton Slim Fit V-Neck Tee

Hello friends,

This week I want to rave about one of our products that I have just "product tested"! Marsha surprised me with a very silly one of a kind design that would only be really meaningful to me, a print with our baby, 9 month old Adonis. We religiously take birthday pics of him every month because he is growing SO FAST and he's not the little baby that I started doing "lap naps" with when he was eleven hours old. I will get back to that, no, the entire horse was NOT in my lap, he'd lay his head in my lap, yes there are pics we can share...and we will...but back to this tee. So, lets talk about how much I love this shirt. It's an all over print design that is sublimation printed with eco friendly inks and each one is custom dyed, cut and sewn to order. It's available in 95% cotton 5% elastine (which is what I'm describing) or in softer yet 93% supima cotton with 7% elastine. The fabric is sumptuously soft, and it's a great midweight material. The v-neck isn't one that is really deep, so it still falls within the modesty category. It features a shirt tail hem, which means that it falls longer in a horse shoe shape in the front and back and comes up a little higher over the hip. The slim fit with the elastine gives the perfect amount of stretch so if you follow the sizing guide it will look tailored for you. The sublimation printing means that the design is dyed into the fabric, so you aren't going to get the same type of fading and in some instances the absolute loss of design you'll see with the very common silk screen printing after multiple washes. As far as fit goes, this product goes by UK sizes which do tend to run smaller than American sizes,  so please do go by the measurement chart, although I will say that this particular item, particularly since it is stretchy, fits a little more generously than I would have anticipated. I'm 5'2 and petite, so the XXS fits great. I usually wear junior's clothes because that's what fits, and one of the great things about this shirt is that it comes in XXS - 7XL so you will be sure to find your size. These all over print tees are available in regular or slim fit, and they are available in crew or v-neck options. For the superior quality, fabric, and dying process, this is well worth the price point. As a stand alone or a layering piece, these tees are designed to be washed and worn again and again. 

Ok, so I promised to tell you about Adonis. He is the first foal I've had the privilege to raise. I missed the birth unfortunately, but saw him within the first fifteen minutes of his life, and I ran into the pen, checked for sex, ran my hands and lips all over him (I'm very tactile and as Marsha says "lovey dovey" which boils down to: I kiss all our babies on the lips) and it was love at first sight. The next day we started our "lap naps" which he still will do on occasion, but he now towers over me and they're a little different. I am a bit unorthodox when it comes to our foals, but this baby is so mellow, so good natured, unflappable, confident and he has champion written all over him. I also sing to our babies in utero, every baby gets their own "foal song" and I religiously sang "Baby Mine" with my face pressed into his mom, Desti's, tummy. I sang it to him that first morning and he let out a loud sigh and laid his beautiful head in my lap. He's gotten so big now that I will sit on him when he's laying down. At first it was like he was a big fuzzy sofa, so I could hop off if he attempted to get up. But this boy doesn't care what I do and I've now started to straddle him. It'll all pay off in another year and a quarter when it's time to start him under saddle. He's also going to be an ENORMOUS stallion so keeping him nice and mellow is key. His mom is approximately 7 months pregnant with what I'm pretty positive is a little filly (don't ask me how I know, but I have an uncanny ability to determine sex of an unborn infant, human or animal) and her foal song is "You are my sunshine". So needless to say, lots of exciting things on our horizon! Stay tuned!

P.S. If you love Adonis as much as we do, check out the Adonis-inspired prints. "Adonis colt" is available on a lot of our infant and youth options, as well as the women's tank top that is next in line for product testing!


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