Cardigan Collection - Long

Cardigan Collection - Long

Hello Friends!

So, let's talk about my newest favorite thing: it's the women's long/full-length cardigan that we offer. As I have said, I am all about layering. This piece is so amazing in that it kind of turns the term "cardigan" on its head. Again, I come from Buffalo, so when I think "cardigan" I automatically think sweater. This is not your crazy cousin from Buffalo's cardigan! We offer these in both long and mid-length versions from one of our exceptional European vendors and it is available in either a cotton recycled poly matte finish jersey blend or a more silky cotton-poly blend that has a bit of a sheen to it. I fell in love with this product prior to us switching gears in the store and focusing solely on equine designs, and I am SO GLAD I didn't buy one until we did! I ordered the "Magician on NEO" and oh about endless possibilities. 

First of all, this is a light-to-midweight cotton product, not a lambswool sweater. Second of all, depending upon your stature, this piece could serve as so many pieces. In theory, at 5'2 I could technically wear this as a dress, the buttons go down to mid-thigh, it covers my chest, and wearing my jean boots, hit approximately 2" above my ankle, however, I wouldn't personally wear it solo, regardless of stockings, but as Marsha will gladly tell you, I'm a bit of a prude. I personally am currently wearing it over my skinny jeggings, leggings, or bootcut jeans and chunky boots. Currently, it's so cold it's over a long-sleeved tee (fitted, because I did order the xxs) but come warmer weather, hopefully, more tanks/leggings. This is such a versatile piece, dress it up or down, depending on your style. Could it be fun & flirty? Absolutely, I'm just neither lol. However, I feel like this is such a must-have staple that traverses all kinds of fashion boundaries. I totally am hard-core in love. Check in with me next week, when I "product test" (my life is beyond hard) our women's canvas boots! Sneak peak...ordered the Stephanie B! Can't wait until they're here! Until then, happy trails, courses, or dressage tests!

Warmest Regards,


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